Meet WineBlock.

The founders of WineBlock, like many others, suffer from red wine lips and teeth. We absolutely LOVE drinking red wine and refuse to cease consumption anytime soon. We also LOVE our morning coffee and know that each time we drink it, we run the risk of a dingy yellow smile. Here at WineBlock, we’ve been pondering ways to prevent that dreaded purple -hued mouth and feared yellow smile.

We want to order our beloved red wine and consume it without the fear of looking like a zombie or the girl from “The Ring”. We don’t want to look like we’ve consumed an entire bottle of red after only one glass. This look is reserved for our closest friends and family but we like to go out in public and drink red wine too. We want to drink our favorite wine and coffee with confidence that we won’t ruin our pearly whites.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve completed our mission to end red wine mouth and yellow smiles forever! Meet our new best friend – WineBlock and sister product CoffeeBlock. The first to market, on-the-go, pocket sized, preventative anti-stain treatment for your lips and teeth. Apply.Drink.Smile.