WineBlock Stain Preventing Lip & Teeth Balm WB102 (Flex Bag Packaging)

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Our same original formula in our New Flex Bag packaging!

Don't be caught with "wine smile". WineBlock is the world's 1st, on-the-go, red wine stain preventing lip & teeth balm. It prevents that dreaded purple hue you get on your lips & teeth after drinking your favorite glass of red wine. With one swipe of our clear, all-natural, plant-based formula to your lips and teeth before you drink wine, you are protected from the embarrassment of wine smile. It's great for work events, weddings, wine tastings, a night out on the town, or at home if you want to protect your teeth from staining. WineBlock works to prevent the yellowing that white wine leaves behind too. Apply before each glass. Each jar has approximately 30 applications.

Bag size 4x6. WineBlock jar size 1.5 x 1.5 x 3/4.