WineBlock + The Grommet

Every maker craves validation that they’ve created something great that people need and want. We are no different! When we were notified that we were among the 3% of the THOUSANDS of products reviewed monthly by The Grommet, it was “cheers to validation” and maybe, a little jumping up and down in the air and saying, "They like us! They really, really like us!" It felt good.

The Grommet, carefully reviews every new product sent their way and curates only the best, unexpected and most innovative products and gifts from makers and small businesses. Whether you are looking for; kitchen gadgets, handy tools, something personalized, practical, educational, for him, her, the cat, the dog, the problem solver (i.e. WineBlock), whatever your need, The Grommet has it.

We are honored to be among the chosen products to be featured. Be sure to check out The Grommet the next time you need anything and visit our product page HERE.


Brenda & Lauren



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