Wine Ring - We are Loving this New App

One thing I love about being a part of the wine accessory industry, is that I’m constantly immersed in all things wine. Whether it’s images of people drinking wine for our website, or tasting wines to test our new products; I definitely have wine on the brain. I think that’s why developing WineBlock has been so much fun! It hardly feels like work because I simply love all things wine.

Lately I’ve been researching wine trends and trying new wine clubs. I’ve noticed a serious uptick in new wine accessory technology and wine apps. I came across and a new wine app the other day called Wine Ring. I did some searching and their LinkedIn Profile describes their app as “the leading consumer preference technology [for wine}”. They use a patented algorithm that tracks user preference. Their website explains, “You’re one of a kind, so choose based on your own individual preferences”. Basically, another way to educate myself in the brands, varietals and vintages I prefer, without taking a wine education course.

I went to download the app and it’s free; for now, at least. I found the usability of their app to be very easy. I entered some basic demographic information to get started and then started rating the wines I love, like and dislike. Their introductory email explains that you’ll, “find out if you’ll like a wine before you buy it - based on your own individual preferences” and asks you to “tell us if you Love It, Like It, SoSo or Don’t Like It.

Once I download the app on iTunes, I started my first rating – a very well-priced, easy to drink red wine called 14 Hands Hot to Trot Red Blend 2013. This retails for about $12/bottle and doesn’t disappoint. The app accesses your camera and then recognized the label by taking a picture. I logged this wine as “Like it”. I then snapped a picture of another one of my go-to reds. It’s a Beaujolais that I haven’t been able to find lately; Domaine Des Billards Saint- Amour 2013. I’ve been able to find the 2014 but the 2013 was a better year and more popular. It’s be difficult to find it. This one I rated as a “love it”. Next, I went to rate a wine that is one of my favorite mid-priced sparkling rosés. I didn’t have this bottle on hand so I typed Mumm Brut Rosé into their search bar and the bottle that I love popped right up as an option! I selected the bottle and its vintage and the app continued to build my profile.

At this point, I went to the recommendations section and lo and behold, there were several recommendations based on the three bottles I had rated favorably. The more ratings you enter including wines you dislike; the more recommendations you receive and the stronger your profile gets. It even makes recommendations on food pairings that go well with those recommend wineI love that I can take this with me to the store or to a restaurant and I love how it takes the guess work out of trying new wines. It will also help me to remember which wines I loved so I can order then again. It even has a section called “Channels” which connects you to restaurants, retailers, hotels, wineries and personalities with information on wines you might enjoy. This is a app I think I’ll use often. Check it out when you have a chance and I hope you enjoy it as well! 

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