Why Does Red Wine Stain Your Lips & Teeth?

Before we decided to develop WineBlock, we searched the internet high and low for natural ways to prevent red wine stained smile. You know that embarrassing purple hue you get on your lips and teeth after just one or two glasses? Both Brenda and I are red wine lovers and we were sick of the short-term embarrassment and long-term damage wine can have on your teeth.

There are two main reasons our beloved wine wreaks havoc on your teeth causing you to have a wine-stained smile or “Wine mouth” as it is often called. The acidity in wine strips away the protective enamel coating on your teeth and the tannins in red wine leave that purple hue behind. The tannins also stick to your lips creating a zombie-like look that doesn’t suit anyone and is embarrassing to most. If you think your smile is safer drinking white wine, it’s not. White wine is even more acidic than red wine and leaves a yellow stain behind on your teeth.  

What did we find when we started searching for solutions to wine mouth? Many articles suggest, brushing your teeth before you drink wine, drinking water, eating cheese, sticking with less acidic wines and skipping white wine altogether because it is more acidic. While all these tips can help, they aren’t always practical or convenient. We wanted something convenient to carry around with us that would stand up to even the darkest Syrah. Besides, who likes to feel insecure about how their lips and teeth look while enjoying a glass of wine at a wedding or work event? Not us, and this is why we invented WineBlock - The world's 1st red wine stain preventing lip & teeth balm.

With a quick swipe of our clear, plant-based formula; you’re protected from the embarrassment of a wine-stained smile. WineBlock is small and easily fits in your pocket or purse. We use WineBlock with white wine too. Why risk making your smile yellow, when you can prevent it? WineBlock was also designed with taste in mind to not interfere with the taste of your wine. A taste chemist designed a very subtle, natural flavor that dissipates quickly after application. WineBlock will double as your favorite lip balm with it’s nourishing, long-wearing formula. What’s not to love?!

Cheers, Lauren


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