How to Cut a Watermelon so it’s Pretty on a Plate

I will admit to searching YouTube videos often on how to properly cook and cut things. My most recent search was on how to cut a watermelon.

I love watermelon. I however, lack the confidence and knife skills to cut the watermelon pieces evenly so they display nicely on a plate.

I was scarred a couple of years ago when my in-laws came over to our house for a BBQ. My mother-in-law brought a watermelon, one of the big ones. With my husband being the main cook in our family my in-laws are aware my lack of confidence in the kitchen. As the food prep was taking place, I asked how I could help. My mother-in-law asked me to cut the watermelon. I’m sure she was thinking this was an easy enough task, even for me. I starred at that watermelon for a few minutes not sure what my first move should be. I mentioned it was a big one right? My husband was laughing hysterically and I too thought it was pretty ridiculous being in my 30’s and timid to cut a watermelon. Thankfully, Uncle Jack saved me and said he wanted to cut it. I watched him, mesmerized, as he took the biggest knife (probably why he wanted to cut it) and sliced that big melon with confidence. Impressive and, annoying. None-the-less, thanks Uncle Jack!

Every time Summer comes around I am faced with the issue of poorly cutting watermelon. Normally I am cutting these for my kiddos, so they don’t care how they are presented. This summer I was determined to cut a watermelon I could be proud of. We recently hosted a BBQ and I bought a couple little watermelons. --- I had to google what these “little ones” are actually called. Apparently they are called “personal mini-watermelons.” Fitting! --- I watched some videos online determined to find an easy method to cut and display them.

Below are pics of me showing my favorite, easy method to cutting a personal mini-watermelon. By the time summer is over, I hope to be confident enough to write an updated post on how to cut the “big ones.”

Personal Mini-Watermelon

Cut in half placing one half face down on cutting board


Place knife at the top and make cuts all around the watermelon using the top as a guide for your knife and cuts. Be sure not to cut all the way to the top. Leave a small area attached so the slices stay together.


Turn the watermelon over

Pull the pieces apart and clean off the edges (if needed), keeping the order of each piece you cut (like a puzzle)

In order of the cuts you made, place the sliced pieces on a plate


Enjoy proudly!







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