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I am always looking for an easy to drink, decently priced wine to serve for get-together’s or just your random Wednesday night. Costco has been my go-to place to buy wine for years because their wine people are usually well informed and I find they source quality brands. Since I had my daughter, getting to Costco has been a bit more challenging. Slowly perusing the wine isle now with an active toddler in the cart, is a thing of the past.

Facebook knows me well and recently targeted me with and ad for a new service called The Tasting Room. The Tasting Room is a wine club that sends you a package of sample size wines to taste and then builds your taste profile using the feedback you provide on their website. The Wine Tasting Kit + Wine Profile costs $24.95 plus tax. It sounded fun and easy so I ordered the kit. We received our samples on a Wednesday night, put the baby to bed and sat down with our computer to taste and build our wine profile. It turned out to be a really fun, cheap, at home date night.

The process was really easy. You open the neatly packaged box to find an instruction card and 6 wines to taste – 2 white and 4 red. The instruction card directs you to their website where you answer questions as you taste. The “Taste profile” quiz, has you compare the two whites against one another and then you compare the reds until you narrow it down to your favorites. Beware - you have to come back to the wines you have tasted so don’t drink the entire samples on the first taste. We almost did this :)

When you finish the quiz, it tells you the varietals you are drawn to, the regions they come from and attributes of the wine. It gives you some history and a description of each. I found this very helpful information to use later when I’m out at a restaurant, trying to describe the type of wine I’m looking for on a menu. At this point in the process, my husband and I were both sold! Next, it leads you to a landing page when you can sign up for 2, 6, or 12 bottle shipments and select the frequency. Since we consume a good amount of wine, I opted for the 12 bottle shipment every other month to test the waters with their service. The flexibility on the amount of wine and frequency of shipments, was a major selling point for me.

We received our first shipment shortly thereafter and were very happy with the selection we received. So happy in fact, that the entire shipment was gone in two weeks. Before you get concerned I’ll mention that we had a party during this time frame in which most of it was consumed!! The cost of the wine averages out to $12 per bottle as described on their website. Yesterday, I received a notification that my next shipment was on its way. It also lets you know when it’s expected to arrive – in 7-10 days. One thing I didn’t expect was the shipping charge of $19.99. This feels a bit hefty in a world of Amazon Prime but I realize wine is a bit more complicated to ship than diapers or trash bags. All in all, we are satisfied. The price comes out to $15.42 per bottle including tax and shipping which is about what I spend at Coscto. I love that the Tasting Room does the choosing for me and that it arrives at my door. The Tasting Room also offers a gift service which would make a great gift for your closest wine enthusiast. I hope you try it out!



The Tasting Room Review

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  • David

    This product works great! I ordered ten so I can share.

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