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Hi friends! This is a repost from 2017. We are receiving our first shipment of WineBlock the week of Jan. 22nd, 2018 (Woot-Woot!). We thought we'd shout out the Podcast we did with the Get It Girl Show chronicling our journey of creating a company and developing our product. It's been a journey, but we are finally ready to share our hard work and end wine mouth! Cheers, The Gals at WineBlock



Podcasts are all the rage these days and for good reason. In addition to reading content, people want to listen to their content. Whether it be while driving in the car, working out, or drowning out the sound of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and toddler tantrums. You can kill two birds with one stone with a Podcast. Brenda and I got into listening to the podcast StartUp, by Gimlet Media early in our start-up journey. It’s hosted by Alex Bloomberg, an award-winning radio journalist. He co-hosts shows like The American Life and Planet Money. I love his work. He’s funny and introspective and his podcast StartUp has been great to follow as we build our new business. When my good friend from college and our marketing strategist Jenna brought up the idea of chronicling our journey through start-up-hood, Brenda and I were excited to take a leap into the world of podcasting. Excited and admittedly a nervous. Nobody wants to sound stupid in front of, potentially, a lot of people. We chatted through it and thought; what better way to reflect on our journey of building a business form the ground up and promote our brand? We were in.

We are excited to announce that the Podcast The Get it Girl Show, launches this week. It’s a Podcast that focuses on “creating kickass content that the female entrepreneur can learn from”. The Get it Girl Show was created and hosted by Jenna Rutschman, who is a self-described, “I have an idea girl”. She’s been a part of several successful start-ups and knows firsthand about the ups and downs of getting a new idea off the ground. Her digital marketing consulting firm, Left of West Labs was instrumental in creating our digital marketing strategy. The Get it Girl Show follows our story and other female entrepreneurs, for seasons one and two. It aims to provide helpful tips and content for entrepreneurs from a uniquely female perspective.


Being a part of a Podcast, has a major learning curve. Trying to figure out how to use the cloud based podcasting software, and make sure you sound good, is a feat for newbies like Brenda and me. For weeks, we couldn’t hear each other as we recorded virtually. We’d hear one person, but not the other which lead to countless retakes. Brenda and Jenna kept saying, you sound like you are in a wind tunnel, 50 feet away. What on earth are you doing? I would assure them that I was indeed wearing my headphones and using the mic attached to the headphones, but I still sounded incredibly muffled on our recordings. Come to find out, I WASN’T using the mic on my headphones at all. The sound was being picked up from the mic on my computer even though I was hearing sound through my headphones. Luckily, our producer William (who has Podcast experience, thank God) could troubleshoot our issue in less than 5 mins. This was after many weeks of work. If you notice I sound like a tiny mouse in a wind tunnel on the first couple of episodes, that’s why.

Sometimes we would have to do multiple takes before we all would sound decent. The equipment we were using to record was so temperamental, we could hear each other’s stomachs growl. There were many, “oh shoot, my kids are screaming in the background. Can we do a retake”, or “my father-in-law just showed up at the front door, can you hold on”. Brenda compares the way we sounded in the first two episodes to the hilarious SNL skit, Schwety Meatballs featuring Alec Baldwin.  I think she’s spot on. Listening back to a recording of your own voice can be awkward. You catch yourself saying “do I really sound like that in real life” and “I need to not say “yeah and totally” so much. Do I really say “yeah” that much?” Most of the time the answer was “yes” and we worked on it. It took some practice before we got in a groove and felt more comfortable and confident with the process. We feel good about our story. It was a good exercise for us to look back and discuss and analyze our wins and losses. All lessons that are helping us grow as business women and business owners.

Download and listen to The Get it Girl Show on iTunes by clicking  HERE. We are excited to share the ups and down of start-up life from a female perspective, and offer helpful tips along the way. Along with WineBlock, The Get it Girl Show features startup mavens from around the country to share some fun, funny, and female focused stories. We hope you’ll listen, gain some helpful insight and give us your feedback.

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Download and listen to The Get it Girl Show on iTunes by clicking  HERE

Happy Listening!




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