Sunday Spritzers

Summertime brings more play dates, BBQ’s, beach trips and outdoor activities to enjoy and many of these outings include indulging in adult beverages. Come Sunday, after indulging all weekend, you may want to enjoy an adult beverage but take the party down a notch since Monday is looming. For me, Summer Sunday’s are perfect days to enjoy a nice wine spritzer. I am fond of the traditional spritzer which includes club soda, white wine and lime, but with many carbonated drinks out there, I thought I’d test out a couple different ones to try and step up my spritzer game.

This past weekend at a play date with one of my neighbors, we tested out a San Pellegrino Limonata and a 7Up spritzer with a nice Sauvignon Blanc from Rodney Strong Estate Vineyards (found at Total Wine).

To make these two spritzers, pour ¾ parts wine into your glass and then ¼ part of your chosen carbonated beverage. We added juice from a fresh lime to the San Pellegrino version and a squeeze of both lime and orange to the 7Up version. We kept the fruit in both as garnishes. All the adults at our play date choose the 7up version as their favorite. It was very crisp and refreshing compared to the San Pellegrino which was too tart for our liking. We plan to try a Ginger ale and Le Croix versions next as well as some red wine versions too with our remaining Summer Sunday’s.

Do you have a favorite spritzer? Leave us a comment and let us know. We love trying out new, fun drinks.




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