Summer Breeze Cocktail

We are always looking for fun new cocktails to try. With the summer heat in full swing, the more refreshing the cocktail, the better. With Lauren being pregnant, we’ve been making nonalcoholic versions as well. This delicious Summer Breeze Cocktail kicks off our Summer Cocktail of the Week blog series! Check back weekly for our favorite refreshing summer cocktails.

I recently saw this recipe in Us Weekly Magazine. Although the recipe didn’t include any alcohol, I figured spiking it with some vodka wouldn’t hurt. After testing with some neighbors, it turns out my hunch was correct. This “Summer Breeze” drink is very refreshing and I love that it’s made with antioxidant rich pomegranate juice. My kiddos also enjoyed the mocktail version that I will also be making for Lauren in the office.

What you’ll need; Small pitcher, Pomegranate Juice, Club Soda and your vodka of choice.

How to make;

For an extra touch, I added some blueberries I had in the fridge as a garnish using toothpicks. Enjoy!




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