Strawberry Lime Spritzer

To wrap up our "Summer Cocktail" series, we chose a refreshing Strawberry, Lime and Vodka spritzer to share with you. It’s quick to make, doesn’t disappoint and is a great cocktail for last minute house guests.

I chose this cocktail recipe by looking at what I had on hand in my fridge and searching Pinterest using; "vodka, soda, recipe" as my search words. I found this refreshing, easy recipe and in addition to having both vodka and club soda on hand, I also had strawberries and limes. I made this cocktail for myself, husband and our neighbor and everyone enjoyed them. They requested for seconds which is always a good sign! We all agreed that if I had mint around, it would be the perfect addition as well as Lime LeCroix instead of plain club soda to top it off. I recommend only squeezing 2 of the limes and not all of them. This makes a great refreshing non-alcoholic drink too, by simply excluding the vodka. 


We hope you enjoyed our summer cocktails as much as we did! 





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