Shopping at the Goodwill = Good Finds

Recently, I went in search of some used shelving for my kiddos playroom. I wanted something that I could throw some paint on and call it good. I decided to check out my local Goodwill. This shopping adventure also included my two kiddos (6 and 4 yrs. old). Like all shopping adventures with kiddos, I was a little nervous on how they would act since these stores can be overwhelming for adults, let alone kids.

We walked in and my 6 yr. old said “WOW. Look at all the clothes.” There were isles upon isles of clothes. I love this kind of shopping, “treasure hunt” shopping if you will. I was immediately distracted and lost my focus of looking for shelving and instead cruised the isles for flannel shirts. I’ve been searching for a lightweight flannel for a while.

The isles are organized by size (x-small, small, medium, large and x-large), gender and color. I love when stores organize by color. So helpful.

After about 10-15 minutes of searching I had picked out two flannels that I loved. I found a mirror and tried them on. Loved them both. Bonus, both shirts were just $4.99 each! I placed them in the cart for purchase. (A quick tip; wear a plain t-shirt or layered tank so you can try clothes on in front of a mirror without having to wait in line for a dressing room.)

We then hit the furniture isle. We didn’t have much luck in regards to shelving. The shelves’ were however stocked with things like small children’s tables and chairs. If I didn’t have a set already, I would have purchased one for a price of $20.00 for a table AND two chairs.

The kiddos then spotted a toy isle. Being second hand toys, none of the toys are boxed up. They had a blast looking and playing. We spent a fair amount of time in this isle but I was on a high from my two great finds so I let them play their hearts out. We also shockingly made it out of the isle without adding anything to the cart.

Next, I stumbled upon the electronics. Cruising this isle was nostalgic for me. I pointed to things asking if the kiddos knew what they were; wall mounted phone, alarm clocks, and old video games. It was actually really fun and entertaining for all of us. Who knew the Goodwill would be a great kiddo destination?!

We headed for the checkout and on our way, passed the men’s section. I spotted (like a hawk), one more flannel on a rack in the colors I had been looking for; white, grey and black. I picked it up, tried it on and perfect fit for the win. This one was $12.99, and was added it to the cart.

I will absolutely head back to the Goodwill again. I’d like to go without the kiddos next time to do more serious hunting. I however wouldn’t hesitate to bring them back granted we have time to play in the toy isle.

Below are my three purchase. Three tops for a total of $23.00. Not bad.




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