Screw Cap vs. Cork

The screw cap vs. corked wine debate. For me, right now, there is no debate. I’m usually juggling multiple things around wine time, i.e., kiddos needing something/everything, house is a disaster, I need to finish and get an email out, etc. so yes, you can put me in the “Screw Cap column” because ultimately, whatever gets in my glass the fastest is the clear choice and winner for me. 

I understand the debates out there are in regard to if having a screw cap affects the aging process and taste of the wine. These articles from Winefolly and Vinepair give great information on this topic. Both articles note that screw caps are the future, but that corked wine is also here to stay. As Vinepair puts it, right now I fall into the group of the (almost) everyday drinker and therefore, I may be partial to convenience and price. Ding, ding, ding. 

I love the ease of a simple twist off cap. Twist, pour, enjoy. With a cork bottle, I have to A. find the corkscrew I know how to use in the drawer, B. have a moment about when I’m going to clean/organize said drawer, C. get the foil off the cork, and D. finally uncork and pour. I’m parched thinking about it. Lately, I have been choosing screw cap bottles from our selection over corked bottles to get the wine in my glass faster even if my favorites only come in corked versions. Sorry, not sorry. 

The debate I’d really like to have on this topic is this; if you are going to drink corked wine, then you must have a great opener. I mention above how I sometimes have to hunt for the corkscrew that I like best (aka the one I know how to use). If I don’t find the corkscrew that is easy to use it prolongs the opening of wine, possibly requires assistance from my hubs and runs the risk bringing on a mini adult tantrum if I mess up the cork. 

The corkscrew opener I don't want to see first in our drawer is the first one pictured below. Pretty much your standard “old school” wine key. Some of wine keys come with a pocket knife option. This is just dangerous. Why do I still even have this in the house?  The second one pictured, please don’t ever hand me one of these at your home and ask me to open your wine (insert mini adult tantrum). These options should only be used if you have been properly trained or in a restaurant setting.


We have two other corkscrew options in our drawer, a Rabbit cork screw and a Vardefull corkscrew from Ikea. The Vardefull corkscrew from Ikea is the one I tare the drawer up looking for. It was $7.00 and has yet to give me any trouble and I highly recommend it.

Maybe this holiday season I will receive an electric wine opener and really step up my game. Who knows, the fun of having an electric opener may just have me reaching for more corks. Until then, I know myself, and I will reach for the screw caps more often than not.

Cheers, Brenda


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