Our Favorite Book Series’ & Wine

For me, there are few things in life that compete with a good book. With my favorite books, I often feel an attachment to the main characters making finishing a book bittersweet. I enjoy a good book series because I love seeing how the characters develop. My enjoyment of book series began as a kid. I remember devouring series like; Ann M. Martin’s “The Baby-Sitter’s Club”, R.L Stine’s “Fear Street” and Louis Sachar’s “Wayside Stories from Westside School”. I love how the character’s stories evolved over multiple books.

I’ve read many series’, but my favorites; the books I will most likely pick up and read again are below. I also included some of my favorite wine pairings. With Summer right around the corner, you could pick up and devour any one of these and enjoy a summer of reading and a great glass of wine.

Do you have a favorite book series or have you read any of the books below?  Leave a comment in our comment section and let’s chat books and wine!



1. Author & Series: Dan Brown/Robert Langdon Series

Genre: Fiction/Mystery/Suspense

Quick Overview: Main character Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbolist, uses his vast knowledge of religious symbiology and iconology to solve mysteries that more than often unveil historical secrets left behind by history’s most influential artists, scientist, and architects.

General Thoughts: The books in this series remind me a lot of “Indian Jones”. The characters solve clues that have a treasure hunt aspect to them like Harrison Ford’s character in “Indiana Jones”. The main character, Robert Langdon is like Indian Jones, but in a less rugged, more “Professor” type of way. I love the history that author Dan Brown brings to each of his books. It’s also great that you do not need to read these books in any type of order. Each book is a standalone novel. What ties them together is the main character in all of them is, Robert Langdon. My favorite book in this series is “The DaVinci Code.”

All but the latest book in this series (“Origin”, which I have yet to read), have been made into major motion pictures starring Tom Hanks. All the movies are worth the watch after, you read the books of course.

What to drink: With my favorite books, I want to drink my favorite wine. I absolutely love this Gamache Vintners Cabernet Franc. A must try.

2. Author & Series: Stieg Larsson/Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy

Genre: Fiction/Mystery/Suspense

Quick Overview: Journalist Mikael Blomkvist is asked to investigate a cold case that took place over 40 years ago. To help sift through the details surrounding the case, he takes on an assistant, computer genius, Lisbeth Salander. Together they discover secrets and scandals that put both their lives in danger yet they stop at nothing to bring justice to those that have been wronged.  

General Thoughts: Lisbeth Salander is one tough chick. She is one of my favorite heroine characters of all time. She is to put it simply, badass. She rides a motorcycle, is a genius hacker, has overcome unthinkable abuse and no longer takes crap from anyone. The stories and characters in this series go through many different layers and I was always surprised where they went. You’ll want to read this series in order. I don’t think I can pick a favorite book out of this series. I enjoyed them all equally.

A movie was made of Larsson’s first book in the series, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” which, Rooney Mara won the Oscar for “Best Actress in a Leading Role” in 2012. An award I hands down believe was deserved.

What to drink: There are some tough parts to read in these books. I suggest a full-bodied Pinot Noir. Try this one by Verada.

3. Author & Series: J. K. Rowling/Harry Potter Series

Genre: Fiction

Quick Overview: Follow the journey of a young orphan, Harry Potter, who is told on his 11th birthday that his parents were magical wizards making him a wizard as well. Harry is introduced to a secret wizarding world where he attends school and soon finds out he is famous for the lightning bolt scar on his forehead. The scar was caused by the dark magic of a wizard so powerful and evil that many are afraid to speak his name. The dark wizard is after Harry and he wants him killed. Each book is a new year of school for Harry and his friends and each year they defy the dark wizards plan, but not without costs.

General Thoughts: J.K. Rowling created stories and characters that are truly magical. When you read these books, you feel like you are stepping into a make-believe world that feels so real. After the first Harry Potter book came out in 1997, I quickly jumped on the Harry Potter bandwagon and I will never be getting off. I enjoyed the journey of Harry growing from a child to a young adult. Each book the characters get older, and the challenges they face became more difficult. I love all the books in this series, but book 4, “Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire” is my favorite because a little different than the others.

All seven books in the Harry Potter series have been made into movies with the last book being split into two separate films. All the movies are great adaptations of the books with the actors portraying the characters justly.

I cannot wait to read this series to my children, watch the movies after we complete them and take them to Harry Potter The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in California. 

What to drink: HP (Harry Potter) is such a trusty read, that I recommend enjoying one of my trusty wines, A to Z Pinot Gris.

Cheers, Brenda


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