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With husbands of many years, we don’t really Netflix and “chill” as they say. We more or less, Netflix, drink wine and hang after our kiddos are tucked away in bed.

Below are reviews on some of the shows Lauren and I are binge watching right now and what we’re sipping while we watch.


 --- Brenda’s Picks ---

Shameless - Showtime

Quick Overview: Comedy/drama about a narcissistic alcoholic dad with six kids who raise themselves in a tough neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago.

General Thoughts: Shameless is a great mix of drama and comedy. William H. Macy plays “Frank Gallagher”, the dad and he is brilliant along with the cast who make up the Gallagher children. My favorite characters on the show might be the Gallagher’s neighbors, Kevin and Veronica played by Steve Howey and Shanola Hampton who in my opinion, steal the scenes they are in. There are some heavy situations that this family of young adults and kids go through, but there are more than enough funny moments to round it out. This is a series I find myself saying “just one more” before bed and its 10:30pm.

What to drink: Anything, but if you open it, finish it. It’s also acceptable to drink straight from the bottle or can while watching.

Where to watch: You can catch up on six of the seven seasons on Netflix. All seven seasons available to watch on Showtime, Amazon Prime and Hulu.

This is Us - NBC

Quick Overview: A unique families story that flashes from past to present day and back again as they deal with the twist and turns life has to offer.

General Thoughts: Basically, the “G” rated version of “Shameless.” This one gives me all the feels; happy, sad, anxious, blessed, puzzled, etc. Every episode has me laughing out loud, tearing up and always reaching for my husband’s hand and looking forward to hugging my kiddos in the morning, and everyone needs to watch a show like that. This modern day family has characters you feel like you know and want to be friends with. Double high-five to the casting director. All of the characters are brilliantly played. I can’t go into very much detail of the show without giving any spoilers. A must watch for sure.

What to Drink: Your go-to wine. For me, a nice Cab or Cab Franc.

Where to Watch: This one is sadly not yet available on Netflix since it is still airing on NBC. You can however catch up on episodes via On Demand or Amazon Video. Watch new episodes on Tuesday’s at 9PM on NBC.

--- Lauren’s Picks ---

Stranger Things - Netflix

Quick Overview: Stranger Things brought me back to my childhood in the 80s. It’s a Sci-Fi meets The Goonies with Winona Ryder as one of its lead characters. It also has an element of horror without being gory. The show follows the story of a missing boy and how the police, his family and an alleged psychic work to locate him. The story is set in 1980s Indiana.

General Thoughts: I love how even the opening credits take me back to the 80s. The logo for the show is straight out of that decade. Stranger Things has multiple subplots weaving throughout it without being overly intense. The make-believe aspect of it gave me several good laughs and the acting from all cast members is suburb.

What to Drink: A red wine that is soft and easy drinking. For me, Pinot Noir or Grenache.

Where to Watch: Season one is available on Netflix. The show just announced it will be back in October 2017 during an awesome Super Bowl commercial. The Producers are keeping us in suspense, waiting with baited breath.

The OA - Netflix

Quick Overview: The OA is one of the most unique story lines I’ve watched in a while. This show started out slow for me, but got intense by the third episode. It follows the story of Prairie, a then seven-year-old blind girl who goes missing, and mysteriously shows back up in her 20s without answers. She exhibits bizarre behavior, so many in the town don’t trust her.

General Thoughts: The OA is both sci-fi and mystery. It also has an element of crime drama running through it, that keeps you on your toes. It switches between when Prairie disappeared as a young girl and present day. There is an element of hope that runs through the story, but also an element of darkness. The juxtaposition keeps you on a rollercoaster as you watch.

What to Drink: You’ll want to drink a heavy, full-bodied red wine for this one.  I recommend a Syrah or Malbec.

Where to Watch: Season One is available on Netflix. The show's creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmangli have plans for a second season, but Netflix hasn’t confirmed when it will be back. I’m hoping later this year. They can’t leave us hanging like this!

What are you binge watching right now? We would love to hear your thoughts on the shows above and hear recommendations of new shows to add to our binge list.


Brenda & Lauren


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