How to Make a Succulent Arrangement - Tutorial

I love succulents because they remind me of San Diego; where I grew up. My parents have beautiful succulents all over their yard. I’d love to plant them in my yard, but they don’t do so well during a Northwest winter because they can get over watered. I have seen some beautiful succulent arrangements online, and always wanted one around the house. I decided to make my own to create a little slice of San Diego. My arrangement will sit outside during the summer and inside during the winter. Succulents like as much bright light as you can get them.

Below are the things you’ll need and a few tips to make your own arrangement. The entire project cost $25 and was surprisingly easy to complete. I got my supplies from Home Depot.

1. You’ll need some potting soil, a small shovel, a pot, an odd number of succulents (I used three because I was using a small pot), and small pebbles or rocks to cover the top. Make sure your pot drains well. It must have holes in the bottom. Be sure to also grab a drain plate, so that when it drains, it won’t drain all over the table. Succulents don’t need much water and are drought resistant. They do like a good soaking and after you water, you should wait for the soil to dry out completely before watering them again. Better Homes & Gardens explains why succulents don't need much water and how often to water them.

2. I choose three small succulents that will fit in my small pot with some room to grow. Odd numbers always look better, so choose and odd number that fits your size pot.

3. Fill the pot with potting soil and leave about 2-3 inches on the top. You’ll need space for the soil that comes with the succulents. Succulents’ roots grow close to the surface, so they don’t need to be planted deep in the pot and your pot doesn’t need to be deep.

4. Plant your succulents and make sure the soil is even and roots are covered completely.

5. Cover the soil with pebbles or rocks. I used my hands to fill in the rocks because it was easier to spread the pebbles into small spaces around the succulents.

That’s it! This entire project took me no longer than 10 minutes. Next time, I plan to make a larger arrangement. You can check out one of these we saved on WineBlock's Pinterest Board for DIY Projects for inspiration. Another interesting fact about succulents is that you can break a piece off a mature succulent, replant it elsewhere, and it will grow a new plant.

We’d love to hear how your succulent arrangement turns out. You can leave a comment and pictures below. Happy planting!




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