Holiday Gifts for Parents & Grandparents

Five Weeks of Giving! Week 4:

We’re always looking for nice gifts to thank our parents for their support. We complied our favorite DIY and purchased gifts that we feel any parent or grandparent would smile big upon opening.

  1. Kids Artwork Books – These books are an easy way to compile and share your kid’s artwork.
  2. Knit Throw Blanket –This chunky knit throw blanket is perfect to give the grandparents something to snuggle with the kiddos aren’t around. (Target $30.00).
  3. DIY Hand Print Santa Ornaments – Get the kids involved and make these adorable keepsake ornaments. It might be time consuming, but worth if for the smile you’ll see on Grandmas face.
  4. Men's Holiday Socks –This pack of festive holiday socks are bound to get some compliments and get the men in your life in the holiday spirit (Nordstrom $30.00/pk 3).
  5. Breville Sandwich Press – Something everyone wants, but no one really wants to buy for themselves. Give this gift and then invite yourself over for lunch (Amazon $70.00).
  6. Personalized Golf Balls – We think dad and grandpa will try extra hard not to lose these personalized golf balls in any hazards.
  7. Corroon Toiletry Bag – This stylish, washable toiletry bag is a perfect gift for a loved one (Amazon $35.00).
  8. ECOVACS Robotic Cleaner – As a parent or grandparent we are all looking for more time with the kids. This robotic floor cleaner is a great time saver (Amazon $200).
  9. Ugg Water Resistant Slippers – We own a pair of these rubber soled “slippers” and they are the perfect run around shoes for any parent or grandparent (Nordstrom $100).

Happy Holidays!

Cheers, Brenda


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