Hello Fresh Wine Club Review

I simply, love wine. Currently, my favorite varietals include; Cab Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah’s and Pinto Grigio/Gris. I see myself as a novice wine lover that has a lot to learn. For instance, I can’t articulate why I love the wines I do. I set a goal for myself this year to taste more wine and not just drink it. I want to better understand what it is I love about these wines. In reading "Wine-All-Time-Confident-Drinking", one of my new favorites, author Marissa A. Ross recommends trying different varietals of wine in order to expand my pallet. Drink more wine?! I can handle that.

To help in my quest to try new wines, instead of aimlessly (and sometimes awkwardly) perusing the wine isles, I decided to enroll in a wine club. I currently order Hello Fresh meals so when I received a coupon to try their Hello Fresh Wine Club at 50% off I was game to try it.

The details

Frequency: Monthly deliveries of six bottles. The subscription is month to month. You can pause your subscription or cancel it at any time.

Assortment: Choose from three options; Six bottles of all red, six bottles of all white or a mixed option of three red and three white. Hello Fresh choose the bottles for you.

Cost: $89/mo. no matter what assortment you choose. Shipping is included in the cost.

I have been a Hello Fresh Wine Club member for a few months now and I am really impressed with the selection they have been sending. It was nice to be part of a wine club over the holidays as we never seem to have enough wine in the house. I’ve received red blends, Merlot’s, Pinot Noirs, Malbec’s, Cabs, Syrah’s, Viognier’s, and Beaujolais. Besides trying all these wines, I have also been keeping a journal of each one I try to focus on what I smell and taste with each. I recently switched my delivery from an all red assortment to a split assortment to include three bottles of white and I am excited to explore some new white varietals. Compared to other wine clubs I’ve tried, I like how this one decides for me and I know the bottles being delivered are of value and quality. A nice bonus is they send bottles that pair with your Hello Fresh meals which is a perk of using both their services.

Below are some pics of my latest shipment. Are you a member of a wine club? If yes, which one and do you like it? Leave us a comment, we love hearing from you.




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