Guilty Pleasures - Why Can't I Stop Watching This?

Season 21 of the Bachelor just concluded and I find myself wondering why I keep watching this show year after year. I have watched it since 2002 when it began and that makes me feel nice and old. The story line is similar every season, but the truth is, I can’t take my eyes off the train wreck. The idea of watching one Bachelor or Bachelorette and 30 potential suitors court each other while taking exotic trips all over the world and the boatload of drama that ensues, appeals to me. I’m not embarrassed to say it. Sometimes you need a cheesy, not too serious, not depressing show to watch after a long day as you enjoy a big glass of wine.

These are Brenda and my “Guilty Pleasure” shows, our review and what we’re drinking while we watch. What shows are your guilty pleasures that you just can’t stop watching? Your go-to glass of vino while you watch? We’d love to hear from you!


--- Lauren’s Pick ---

The Bachelor - ABC

Quick Overview: This season, Bachelor Nick Viall courts 30 women while taking them all over the world including Finland, New Orleans, and St. Thomas. Nick was the runner up in seasons 10 and 11 of the Bachelorette. He was dumped in the season finale both times while proposing. Brutal. Nick is a Software Sales Rep from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and he has the accent to prove it.

General Thoughts: Nick seems like a very sensitive guy, and I mean VERY sensitive. He cries in almost every episode which adds to the drama. He also mumbles a bit which is mildly annoying. I couldn’t shake his mumbling the entire season. There is your token villain that develops quickly on the first episode as well as the “too young” and immature favorite. There is also your standard front runner that can’t handle the process of dating one guy that is also dating 30 other women. Go figure! Did she not understand the premise of the show before she agreed to spend 12 weeks on it? There’s a lot of nudity (mostly from one contestant), that also keeps the drama flowing. For those of you that have watched prior seasons, you know about the “Home Town” episode and the coveted home town dates where Nick travels with the remaining four contestants to meet their families. Nick says the phrase “Home town’s” so many times in the episode prior to his home town dates, that you can make a drinking game out of it. It’s hilarious. Pour a big glass of wine and watch it with a friend or your significant other.

What to drink: I go California Cab while watching the Bachelor. This Rodney Strong Cabernet Alexandra 2013  is a go to for me. It’s priced under $20 and is available at Total Wine of course.

Where to watch: ABC (On Demand from your cable provider), Hulu or Amazon.

--- Brenda’s Pick ---

Grey’s Anatomy- ABC

Quick Overview: Drama about the professional and personal lives of a team of doctors living and working in Seattle, Washington. Grey’s Anatomy first aired in 2005 and is currently airing its 13th season. I admittedly have been around for it all.

General Thoughts: For me, this season (Season 13), feels like Grey’s may have finally “jumped the shark.” I am still (SPOILER ALERT) heartbroken about the death of main character Meredith Grey’s husband, Derek Shepard. Some might argue that the show “jumped” a while ago and honestly, it probably did. It doesn’t even matter because as “bad” as it is, and I fully admit, it’s bad; I cannot stop watching. Seriously, how much more drama can happen to the characters on this show? Main character, Meredith Grey with her smart but dark and twisted attitude has seriously been through everything. I found THIS hilarious website from titled “Proof that Grey’s Anatomy’s Main Character Meredith Grey is the Unluckiest Character on TV.” To name a few, Meredith has survived drowning, dying for a bit, a bomb explosion, a miscarriage, seeing her husband get shot, giving birth to a baby as the hospital has no power and almost dying again, a mom who has Alzheimer’s and eventually dies, a best friend, half-sister, and husband who all die, a secret half-sister announced, being almost beaten to death and oh, a plane crash. I honestly don’t know what else could possibly happen to this main character, but you bet I will be watching to find out.

What to Drink: I go with a well-balanced Cab like this Josh Cellars Cabernet. Great price at $10.00 a bottle at Total Wine.

Where to Watch: New episodes airing on ABC at 7:00 PM on Thursdays. You can also watch on Netflix, Amazon and catch back to back episodes playing on Lifetime.




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