Five Weeks of Giving! For the Wine Lover on Your List...

This blog kicks off our Five Weeks of Giving series! Each week, we'll list our favorite gifts for the wine, coffee or cocktail lover on your list.The first in the series is for the Wine Lover on your list.

Can you believe that Christmas is less than weeks away?! Thanksgiving is upon us and the holiday shopping season has begun. I prefer to get my shopping done early so I can soak in the season without rushing around to buy gifts at the last minute. I have several wine lovers on my list this year, so I’ve rounded up some of my favorite wine accessories for gift giving season. Some of them I own personally, and the others I plan to buy as gifts this year. Even better, most of the gifts on this list are under $30! 

  1. French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler – I think this wine cooler from Crate and Barrel is a beautiful, and is a gorgeous addition to any table no matter the season.
  1. Vinluxe Pro Wine Aerator – Why aerator your wine? Per Wine Spectator, “Exposing wine to air does two things: it triggers oxidation and evaporation. Oxidation is what makes an apple turn brown after its skin is broken, and evaporation is the process of liquid turning into vapor. Wine is made up of hundreds of compounds, and with aeration, usually the volatile undesirable compounds will evaporate faster than the desirable, aromatic and flavorful ones”. I’ve also read that it can reduce sulfites, score! Apparently, this aerator is the #1 rated aerator in the world and it has 5 starts on Amazon. Decanting will do the same trick, but takes longer. 
  1. The World Atlas of Wine – I received an older version of this book as a gift a few years back. Not only is it beautiful, it’s also very informative. This is the 7th and latest addition which makes a great gift and nice addition to any coffee table.
  1. Gold Beverage Tub – How festive is this drink tub?! I love the gold, but it also comes in cooper, graphite and silver. It easily fits a 12 pack of beer of several bottles of wine.                                                         
  1. Rabbit Wine Opener – We received one of these Rabbit Wine Opener sets for our wedding and it’s been great. I love the foil cutter as well. The whole set makes opening a bottle of wine so much quicker and with ease. 
  1. Williams-Sonoma Handled Decanter – I’ve received decanters over the years as gift and always love them. I have an entire collection now that makes for a great display in my dining room. This one from Williams – Sonoma is well priced and very pretty. Per Wine Spectator, decanting serves two purposes, “to separate a wine from any sediment that may have formed and to aerate a wine in the hope that its aromas and flavors will be more vibrant upon serving.” It also looks pretty on the.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Cheers, Lauren


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