Cool Wine Gifts for the Holiday Season

Five Weeks of Giving! Week 1:

The holidays are upon us and it’s time to start making our shopping lists. Do you have a wine lover that you want to impress this year? We searched the internet high and low and also tried some the coolest new wine gadgets around. Check out the wine gifts that made our list this year;

  1. My husband and I received the Corkcicle as a wedding gift and use it all the time. The Corckcicle is like a Popsicle for your wine bottle that keeps it nice and chilled. It’s priced at $17.95 and there are several colors to choose from. We use it on a hot summer day to keep our wine chilled outside or to chill our red slightly.
  2. MoiChef Silicone/Flexible Wine Glasses, Premium Carrying Bag & Foldable Wine Bottle We once took these to a concert at Chateau Michelle Winery and they were perfect. They range in price from $19.95 to $29.95 on Amazon. They are perfect for the wine lover that likes to picnic, camp and travel with their vino.
  3. We suggested this one before and stand by our choice for a great Red Wine Aerator. The Vinturi Red Wine Aerator Tower Set sells for $49.99 on their website. It works great to aerate a single glass or an entire bottle.
  4. The Air Cork Wine Preserver seals your remaining wine from the outside air while preserving the initial flavors and aromas. This sells for $28.50. Who doesn’t like to keep their wine good until the last drop?
  5. Our favorite pick is the Coravin Wine System for $199.95. The Coravin inserts a very thin needle into the cork and pressurizes the bottle with argon. This allows you to extract a sample and then reseal the bottle as if it had never been touched. Your wine will continue to age naturally. This gadget is for the serious wine enthusiast on your list.

Do you have any wine gadgets that you can’t live without? Leave a comment below. We love to hear from you!

Happy Holiday Shopping!




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