Blue Wine? We'd Try it!

I was watching the Today Show a few weeks ago, gingerly drinking my coffee as I settled into the work day. As most who watch the Today Show know, Kathy Lee and Hoda love all things wine. They started to talk about this new “blue hued” wine coming out of Spain and they immediately had my attention. I love all things wine and never shy away from trying a new brand or varietal. I did a bit more research on what this blue wine actually is, what it’s made of and where you can find it.

This unique wine named Blue Nun was created by six Spanish entrepreneurs in their 20’s that founded the company GIK. According to GIK’s website, none of them have wine or business experience. They coin themselves as, “not business people but creators: designers, programmers, artists and musicians. They work without hierarchy; horizontally”. They describe that they created Blue Nun using a blend of red and white grapes from four different areas in Spain: La Rioja, Castilla-La Mancha, León and Zaragoza.

The Drink Business mentioned that, “the unconventional drop is aimed at younger consumers seeking something different from their wine experience”. Ding, Ding, Ding - this fits me perfectly. I admittedly love this new Rose trend and tend to gravitate towards a Rose that is fresh and fruit forward with a dry finish; usually the Rose that comes from the region in the South of France called Provence.

Could this be my new summer drink of choice? I searched the web to learn more about the taste. The Today Show reported that its electric blue color was created with the pigment found in the grape skin, called indigo, and a non-caloric sweetener. A sweetener, hmmmm? GIK’s website describes the taste as a sweet and blue drink with 11.5 degrees of alcohol but they don’t mention what this sweetener actually is. This must be proprietary. I was pretty much sold on trying it out even though it may be too sweet for me. It seems unique and fun, something different to serve at a summer BBQ.

GIK’s website takes you to a pre-order form where you enter your name and address and let them know if you are interested in 1,2, 6 or 12 bottle. I opted for two bottles to start. If it’s good, I’m going to want to have a second bottle on hand. This is the message I received after the form fill – “We are amazed to see the incredible American response to Gïk Live! We feel really honored to witness the blue revolution getting so far, and that's something we have to thank you for. Thanks for your pre-order Lauren! We will get in touch with you shortly”. It appears that Blue Nun is only available in Spain for now but latest update from the Today Show is saying the wine will be available stateside by October! 

GIK didn’t give a timeframe for launch but if October it is then we will be finding some fall flavors to match with our new Blue Nun friend. I’ll post an update on what I think of the wine as soon as I receive it! Of course I’m wondering if it’s electric blue color will give me the dreaded “blue hue”? I’ll just have to wait and see.




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