What is WineBlock? - Your Questions Answered

WineBlock - FAQ

What is WineBlock? WineBlock and sister product CoffeeBlock, are on-the-go, pocket sized, preventative anti-stain treatments for your lips and teeth. Made with tannin and acid blocking agents that protect both your lips and teeth from red wine or coffee stains. Relax, we’ve got you covered. We are on a mission to end wine mouth forever, so go ahead and order red!

What is WineBlock made of? We believe the things you put on your body to keep it looking it’s best, should be natural and made with non-toxic ingredients. Our ingredients consist of several natural and moisturizing oils as well as proprietary stain blocking agents.

Is WineBlock allergen-free, dye-free, gluten-free, non-toxic and never tested on animals? You bet it is! We love everything natural and non-toxic. We also love animals.

Will WineBlock interfere with the taste of wine? No way, party foul. We don’t want anything interfering with the taste of our beloved red wine and have deliberately designed WineBlock with an inconspicuous taste that dissipates seconds after you apply it.

How do I use WineBlock? As you would apply sunblock to protect your skin before you head out in the sun; Apply WineBlock before you drink red wine to protect your lips & teeth from staining.

Directions; Before enjoying wine, apply a dime sized amount to your teeth. Smooth over upper and lower teeth with tongue. Next apply to your lips like a lip balm. Reapply before each glass.

Side note: All teeth are different. Everyone's enamel is different. Some wines stain more than others. You may need to use more than a dime sized amount on your teeth and/or apply every half glass of wine to receive the best results of WineBlock.

How do I know if I suffer from “wine mouth”? If you answer “Yes” to any of the following, you suffer from wine mouth and should order WineBlock immediately;

  • If after drinking red wine, you wipe your mouth on a napkin to reveal purple lip marks
  • If after drinking red wine, you look in the mirror and gasp at your reflection revealing purple lips and teeth reminiscent of a zombie
  • A friend has asked you if you also had a bushel of blueberries with your glass of wine noting your lips and teeth are purple
  • You have ever been called out for purple lips and teeth by friends, family, dates, bar keeps, and or strangers



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