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There are quite a few food delivery options to choose from these days. Until recently, I had yet to try any of them. I have been hesitant since my kiddos are picky, or as we like to say, selective eaters. A couple weeks ago, a family member gave me a free week of Hello Fresh meals. I was so excited to try it out and am very happy I did. Below is my experience with Hello Fresh.


The free trial is a weeks’ worth of Hello Fresh meals (3 meals for 2 people). I was sent a text message that included a link and a code from Hello Fresh. The link took me to the Hello Fresh App which I downloaded. I set up my profile, chose my meal plan from three options; Classic, Veggie or Family and picked a day of the week to receive my delivery. I was asked to enter my credit card information and was told that after the trial week was over, I would need to go to my profile page and click on “cancel subscription” for my credit card to not be charged for next week’s meals. The set up was simple and easy and took maybe 5-10 minutes. I can also confirm that my trial week was in fact 100% free.


You choose from three plan options when you sign up; Classic, Veggie or Family. The cost and serving amounts for both the Classic and Veggie plans are $9.99/meal and you can choose to receive either 3 or 4 meals a week for 2 people or, 3 meals week for 4 people ($59.94, 79.92 or $119.88 a week). The Family plan meals are $8.74/meal and offered with options of either 2 or 3 meals per week for 4 people ($69.92 or $104.88 a week). You can also choose additional “Menu Preferences” with the plan you choose like; Variety (new ingredients & techniques), Fit (quick and nutritious), Quick (easiest recipes), Seafood Free, Pork Free, Beef Free or No Preference (handpicked selection from all options).

Even though the family option includes kid friendly meals my husband and I made the decision to try the Classic plan with no preferences for 2 people. We know our kids. They are “Plain Jane” eaters and we have accepted that. Going this route, the Classic plan for just my husband and I turned out to be the right decision for our family. Our free week of food included the following meals; Crantastic Turkey Burgers, Beef Sizzle Stir-Fry and Moo Shu Pork Tacos. For our kiddos, we matched up the main protein in our Hello Fresh meal and made easy complimenting kids meals; plain burgers (instead of turkey), plain steak (instead of Stir-Fry) and beef tacos (instead of the Moo Shu tacos). Since we are already used to making multiple meals a night, this was not extra work for us.


With my husband being the main cook in our family, to truly test out how easy the Hello Fresh meals are to make, I decided I would make all the recipes we were mailed in our trial week. I can 100% vouch that not only were the meals easy to make, but they didn’t take much time to make either. Start to finish, each meal took about 35 – 45 minutes. I was blown away at how much I enjoyed cooking these meals. I really liked how everything I needed to make the meal was in one bag and laid out in front of me. The recipe sheets include notes on what you will need to “Bust Out” from your cabinets before you start i.e.; pot, pan, strainer, all the steps and instructions on the recipe card included a photo, prep, cook time and calories were listed out and my favorite part, they even give wine paring suggestions! 

We are on our third week of Hello Fresh meals and they have absolutely gotten us out of the food rut we were in. I’ve also managed to impress myself and my husband with my cooking. We have enjoyed all 9 meals we have tried and have saved the recipe cards for 4 and plan to make them on our own again in the future.

We have become weekly Hello Fresh subscribers!


  • All of Hello Fresh packaging can be recycled.
  • You can skip weeks of delivery by clicking “Skip This Week” in the App
  • Their portions are the right amount of food. Our 2-person meal plan fed both my husband and I without having any leftovers. It feels nice to not waste and we love how much cleaner our fridge has become.
  • If you don’t like the recipe selections chosen for you, you can swap them out for other options.
  • Like the free trial code that I was given, when you sign up you receive 4 “freebie” weekly boxes to send to your friends and family.
  • They have a wine club! I recently signed up for my first shipment of wine, 6 bottles of red and with a 50% off coupon, it was only $44.50 ($7.50/bottle). Regular shipment price for 6 bottles is $89.00/mo. ($14.83/bottle). Check it out HERE. Stay tuned for a blog review!

Check out my pics below of our first Hello Fresh package. Let us know if you have tried Hello Fresh or another food delivery program. Did you like it? Leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear about it!







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