Adventures in Total Wine

I have a new obsession to confess. I recently discovered the wine retailer Total Wine, and I’m in love. Brenda and I made a trip to the Total Wine near her house to do some market research and stock up on wines. The nice Sommelier that greeted us let us know that they have over 9,000 bottles of wine in stock. That is a whole lot of bottles, making it easy to get overwhelmed while roaming the aisles. Instead, our Sommelier did an excellent job of making the experience fun, informative and educational as he provided knowledge on each of the wines we picked out.

Total Wines’s angle is that they buy most of their wines direct from the winery and winemaker. They are both the importer and distributor, cutting out the middle man and added cost that comes from these two functions. Don’t get me wrong, these are important functions but Total Wine is set-up to do all three, allowing them to keep prices low. I noticed some wines I buy routinely seemed to be $3- $4 less a bottle. They also run a, “buy six bottles, get 10% off” promo every day. I’m not a “big box” store type person but I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.

I was also surprised to find Total Wine sells much more than just wine. They stock every kind of beer you can image, fill growlers, sell liquor, mixers, and every wine accessory under the sun. If you need a quick gift for someone, Total Wine is a great place to look. I picked up these fun wine pens for marking your glass, a cute Valentine’s Day card and Godiva Chocolates for my hubby. It’s a one stop shop when it comes to entertaining and gifting. I’ve been back three times this month, once with my busy toddler in toe and still loved it. I was in and out in a breeze.


Total Wine also has  educational courses  held at each of their  147 locations across  the US. If you go to  their website and find  the location nearest to  you, you can view upcoming wine tasting  events, educational  events and hours.  Brenda and I plan to attend a couple wine tasting courses together to brush up on our wine knowledge. We’ll be sure to report back once we’ve taken them.

Total Wine also has resources on their website to help with party planning including this handy drink calculator so you can buy the perfect amount for your party or wedding. They also have recipes for the for the perfect cocktail if you click HERE. Total Wine is a host/hostess’ dream store.

Our new Sommelier friend recommended this wonderful fruit forward yet very dry Rose, from Domaine Fontanyl in Cotes De Provence that  I thought I would share. It’s a steal of a deal at $13.49 per  bottle.  

Check out Total Wine and let us know what you think. We’d  love to hear for you!

Cheers, Lauren


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