A Review of Instacart’s Delivery for Total Wine

For those of you that follow our blogs, you know I am a huge fan of Total Wine. I clearly have a wine shopping addiction and can’t stop talking about it. I am also a big user of grocery delivery. I was excited to learn that Instacart, the grocery delivery service founded in 2012, also makes deliveries for Total Wine. Major Score.

Instacart is like Amazon Fresh and many others in the space. I love Instacart as much as I love using Amazon fresh, because of the vendors they work with. Below is a list of the stores available in the Seattle area, near me. Your list of stores may be slightly different but the major players should be there same. Instacart currently offers service in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Seattle & Washington D.C. areas. 

Instacart lets you try your first order for FREE. After that, delivery starts at $3.99 for two-hour delivery and $5.99 for one-hour delivery when you spend $35 or more. There's an option to join the Instacart Express membership club, which offers free delivery on 2-hour and scheduled grocery deliveries over $35 for a year, similar to how Amazon Prime works. The cost of the membership is $99 with a free 2-week trial to get started. Delivery prices for your individual order are shown at checkout.

I love Total Wine delivery by Instacart because of the way they organize their varietals and make suggestions much like they do in-store. All wines have ratings and descriptions which makes it easier to pick and you can also sort by price point. The selection and check-out process is quick and easy.

Total Wine delivery from Instacart is also a great place to buy a last-minute gift and have it delivered to your door, complete with gift wrap supplies in two hours. They have glassware and accessories, gift baskets and sets, and gift supplies in addition to ordering your loved one or friend their favorite bottle of wine, beer or liquor. Total Wine has it all. They are all about selection, which I love.

I ordered some of my go-to favorite bottles of wine that all happen to be well priced. They arrived neatly in a wine carrier that had been in a temperature controlled delivery truck in under two hours. I will absolutely use Instacart for Total Wine Delivery again soon. Here are  the bottles I ordered, so you can try them: Louis Bouillot Extra Dry - $18.99, Gamache Vintners Columbia Valley Velida Estate Viognier - $12.99, Pine Ridge Vineyard Chenin Blanc + Viognier - $12.29, Reserve Des Vignerons Saumur Champigny - $12.99,  Francis Ford Coppola Winery Diamond Collection Black Label Claret, California - $12.97, and Domaine Fontanyl Rose De Provence - $14.99.  

Do you have a favorite delivery service for wine? Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you. 

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