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8Fit Full Body Interval Training from WineBlock on Vimeo.

The gym struggle is real. You may have every intention of going, and then start the excuses; your day is too busy, the gym is too far, and for me, there is the whole issue of childcare. Many gyms and studios don’t offer on-site childcare, and if they do, there’s nothing like getting interrupted 15 mins into your workout because your child is melting down or needs a diaper change. Realistically, I can only get to my favorite workout class 2 times per week. My favorite workout is Lagree Fitness, so I’ll give it a shout out. It’s a full body conditioning method done a on pilates-like reformer machine. It works slow twitch muscles, while lengthening and strengthening. I used to do it 4-5 times a week in my single, kid-less days, but those days are long gone. They don’t offer childcare at any of their studios but it is seriously an amazing workout that keeps me coming back. I crave it because you feel the burn every time and get your heart rate up, while still being low impact. You should google to see if there’s a Lagree studio near you.

I’ve been hunting for some great at home workouts to supplement the days I can’t get to the Lagree studio. I also wanted to freshen up my routine in general to keep it interesting and get some variation. I recently stumbled upon the app 8Fit in my Facebook feed.





I shared it with Brenda, and we both love it. 8Fit says they are “fitness for the rest of us”, offering meal plans, daily workouts and a goal tracker. The workouts range from interval training, to Tabata, to Yoga. There is a free version that offers workouts only and an upgraded, paid version when you are looking for more challenging workouts and meal planning. I paid $29.99 for 3 months to try it out. The goal tracker is included both the free and paid version. The recipes I’ve tried have all been great. You can choose what type of food you want to prepare including paleo, gluten free, vegan, quick prep, family style and many others. I don’t follow the recipes everyday because I’m also feeding a toddler and a hungry husband, but I have tried several of the quick family recipes and they’ve been a hit.





The feature that I enjoy the most about the app is that you can pick your music before each workout. The app offers anything from House music to Classic Rock, Hip Hop and Pop. None of the workout are more than 25 mins long, so you can set realistic workout goals. Most are 10 -15 minutes long. They ask you to schedule your next workout when you complete each workout and hold you accountable by sending you a notification when it’s time to work out next. The is no equipment required on most of the workouts other than a chair and a steady surface for things like military push-ups or dips.For your viewing pleasure, Brenda and I decided to record the two of us doing one of 8Fit’s quick 10-minute interval routines. Check us out on Vimeo! Try 8Fit and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.








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  • Reese

    Ok, Lauren, I just downloaded the 8fit app. I believe it has great potential to meet my needs. However, I am not seeing the option for music just yet. What am I not doing? Please advise if you can. Your post was very informative & I stumbled upon in my search, “workout music on 8fit app”. Your post helped ease mind as well, as I started feel like I was crazy because I knew the app had an option for music. But all of a sudden, I no longer see it. Feeling🤔

    Thank you

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