2018 Wine Trends We Love

A New Year brings new trends. Below are some of the wine trends we’ve been reading about from articles by Uncorkd.biz, Forbes.com and Revelsystems.com that we can get behind.

Chilean Wine – Known mostly for their Cabernet Sauvignon. We are however, reading we need to keep our eyes out and start trying Pinot Noir, Syrah’s and Carménère (a 2018 wine trend on its own) from Chile. A 2016 article from Wine Folly shouts out the following brands; Concha y Toro, San Pedro, Montes, Emiliana, Veramonte, Lapostolle, and Santa Rita as the top 7 producers of wine in Chile. We’ll be asking our local wine steward about these.

Rosé and Sparking Wines – Lovers of both Rosé and bubbles are enjoying these traditionally donned “Summer” and “special occasion” wines throughout the year. Go ahead, break the stigmas on these two favorites and while you’re at it, order red wine throughout the summer months too.

Wine Labels – Wineries are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves on the shelf and share their wine story. It looks like unique, eye appealing labels are on the rise as well as labels with details on the story behind the wine.

Red Blends – Being a large category, red blend wines continue to see growth. We have a goal to taste new wines throughout the year. Purchasing blends can give our pallets a real test and introduce flavors that we may not find in single varietal wines.

Women in Wine –  We love seeing women in the wine industry.  Shout outs to two women that we would be awe struck if we ever had the chance to meet; Pascaline Lepeltier and Marissa A. Ross. Pascaline Lepeltier holds the titles of Master Sommelier, winner of “Wine List of the Year” AND winner of the “Best Long Wine List in the World” in 2017. One of our favorite articles from last year was THIS ONE from Vinepair all about Lepeltier’s achievements in the wine world. MAJOR props for Lepeltier’s years of hard work on compiling her award-winning lists and driving the categories of organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines. Our other “new” favorite wine heroine, wine enthusiast and author of "Wine. All the Time", Marissa A. Ross. We learned and laughed our way through her page turning book. Ross is one funny and knowledgeable lady.  

Support for California Wines – After the devastating fires in California destroyed and damaged 27 wineries the want and need to show support during the rebuild phase is heartfelt. A great way to show support, continue to buy wines and visit the affected counties. The wineries of Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino heavily rely on tourism. Check out this article from Today.com and OCregister.com for details on the affected wineries and other ways to show support.

What trend(s) on our list are you most likely to get behind? Leave us a comment. We love hearing from you!

Cheers, Brenda


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