2017 Trend Alert: Canned Wine

With the holidays long over, we are no longer wishing for snow and to be bundled up next to the fire. Our thoughts turn to the warmer months ahead. Visions of baseball games, concerts, beach outings and camping with family and friends come to mind. Many of these day dreams naturally including the indulgence of, a little wine.

Reading recent articles on wine trends, the New Year is promising that wine will be “more fun” in 2017. More fun? How could wine possibly get any more fun than it is already? Long gone are the days of snootiness in the wine industry. Wine is becoming more accessible and we love that. One trend gaining momentum in the industry is canned wine. According to an article by Kyle Thacker of Uncorkd.biz, “Canned wine sales skyrocketed in 2016. Previously a niche market dominated by sparkling wine, canned wine sales more than doubled this year, clocking a growth rate of 125.2 percent.” 

As we ponder this trend, we can never imagine ourselves moving away from bottled wine completely. However, canned wine seems like the more appropriate, laid back choice for many summer outings. Outings for example where we spontaneously need to cheer or get up and dance without fear of our wine sloshing out of a cup, i.e. a baseball game or concert.  The beach is another great example. Visions of us carrying heavy bags and armfuls of kiddo toys and towels on the sand have us thinking we should opt for canned wine versus a heavy bottle, same goes for camping. Cans can also be a solution to the "argument" of opening a whole bottle. Maybe you truly just want one glass (or one more), opening a can is a great solution.

We are seeing the bonuses.

Below are some canned wines to try out from complied lists by Cosmopolitan.com, Hiconsumption.com and Refinery29.com . We’ve noted the ones we’ve tried and can vouch for. The others, we are hoping to find at stores near us soon so we can test them out.


1. Sofia Mini, California. $16.99/pk of 4. We’ve tried and we like! Bonus, all cans come with a straw. 
2. Underwood, Oregon. $28.00/pk of 4. We’ve tried and we like! The cans are the same size as a standard can of beer. Currently offering; Sparkling, Pinot Noir, Rose and Pinot Gris.
3. The Drop, California. $20.00/pk of 4. Currently offering; Rose and Red. We like their laid back style.
4. The Infinite Monkey Theorem, Colorado. $15.00/pk of 4. Currently offering; White, Red, Moscato and Rose. All slightly carbonated. We love their speakeasy vibe.
5. Ruza, California. $20.00/pk of 2. Currently offering Rose. We love the look of this one.
6. Alloy Wine Works, California. $30.00/pk of 4. We’ve tried and we like! Currently offering Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
7.  Pampelonne, France. $19.99/pk of 4. We love the beachy and nautical vibe this brand gives off from their cans and website. We are keeping our fingers crossed that our local grocery or specialty wine stores near us will start carrying this brand. We are intrigued to try their sparkling Rose Lime and Red Sangria. Bonus, both are low calorie wines as well.
8. Lila $15.99/pack of 4. These give us a party vibe and we can see ourselves drinking these pool side. Currently offering; Rose, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc.
What are your thoughts on the canned wine trend? Have you tried any of these on the list? We’d love to hear your comments.


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