20 Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $20

Five Weeks of Giving! Week 5:

That feeling when you are opening the last gift under the tree and you start to feel the magic of opening Christmas gifts begin to fade and you suddenly remember…the stockings! In our family stockings are filled with fun smaller gifts that range from $1.00 - $20.00 and are always the last gifts to be opened and sometimes the most fun.

Below are our favorite stocking stuffers to give to family members of all ages. Most of the gifts below can also be found at your local drug store making them great last-minute gifts as well.  

  1. "Wine All Time" – This hilarious book by Marissa A. Ross is a stocking stuffer that any wine lover will enjoy ($13.50). Books in general are a great stocking stuffer any avid reader would welcome.
  2. Sugarfina Roseacute Gummies – Mom wants to find these in her stocking. Trust us ($10.00).
  3. Pilot Retractable Gel Pens – Everyone is always misplacing their pens. Stuff their stockings with some good ones like these Pilot Gel Pens ($12.00/pk of 12).
  4. Blind Bags – Kiddos love the extra surprise of “blind bags.” Their small size and cost make for perfect stocking stuffers. My kiddos love the “Grossery Gang” ones, but there are tons of options out there ($3.00).
  5. Popsockets – Place these on the back of your phone for an easier grip and phone stand ($10.00).
  6. Joykith Squishies – These stress reliever “squishies” are all the rage with kids ($2.00 - $10.00).
  7. Bottle Opener – This Cap Zappa beer bottle opener also launches the caps after you open them. Don’t shoot your eye out ($2.00)!
  8. Detox Dry Shampoo – This mini dry shampoo spray is the perfect stocking stuffer size ($13.00).
  9. Candy – I think we can all agree that Christmas is a justified “cheat day.” That said, fill your loved one’s stockings with all their favorite candy, gum and mints. Look for fun festive holiday candy like these Peppermint Junior Mints ($0.50 - $3.00).
  10. Koozies – These fun koozies are a great stocking stuffer for any beer lover ($15.00/pk of 6).
  11. Bicycle Playing Cards – Give these and start an epic game Rumi or teach the younger kiddos how to play “War” ($4.00).
  12. Electric Toothbrush – Finding a toothbrush in your stocking is a tradition at our house. This year we’re going with Star Wars ($5.00).
  13. Toysmith Melting Snowman – A fun experiment for Christmas morning. They also have a melting tree and reindeer version ($12.00).
  14. Houdini Wine Aerator – This aerator fits directly into your wine bottle ($13.50).
  15. Scunci Hair Ties – Hair ties, barrettes, bobbi pins are all great things to throw into any gals stocking ($4.00).
  16. Avocado Slicer – For the avocado lover in your life ($10.00).
  17. Ultimate Burger Press – For the family member who loves to grill ($11.00).
  18. Scratch Tickets – We put these in grandpa’s stocking every year. He loves the Bingo scratchers ($1.00 - $5.00)!
  19. Festive Holiday Fingernail Stickers – Let your gals get festive with these holiday nail stickers ($7.00).
  20. Dewytree Melting Chou Face Mask – We are obsessed with these face masks found at Anthropologie. This brand has four different kinds of masks that help with hydration, tightening, tone and color ($5.00 each).

Happy Holidays!

Cheers, Brenda



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