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Say GoodBye to Red Wine Stained Lips & Teeth

WineBlock is the first ever, on-the-go, red wine stain preventing lip & teeth balm. It prevents that dreaded purple hue you get on your lips & teeth after drinking your favorite glass of red wine.

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WineBlock Features

  • Our Philosophy

    We believe in working hard, playing hard and feeling confident while you do it. WineBlock gives you the confidence to consume your favorite beverage without needing to carry your toothbrush to happy hour.

  • Our Product

    As you would apply sunblock to protect your skin before you head out in the sun; Apply WineBlock or CoffeeBlock before you drink to protect your lips and teeth from that dreaded purple hue or yellow smile.

  • Natural & Plant Based

    We believe the things you put on your body to keep it looking it’s best should be natural, non-toxic and free of chemicals. WineBlock is free of petrochemical, parabens, dyes, gluten, and never tested on animals.

  • Taste First

    Our subtle Orange Blossom flavor was designed by a flavor chemist to be subtle and dissapte quickly so WineBlock  never interferes with the taste of your wine. 

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